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[personal] We are the stuffing turkeys dream of

Last night I dreamt I was dating Marilyn Monroe, who had come back from the dead. We were in south Florida looking for a burger at some swampside bar when LBJ drove up in the Kennedy assassination car. She walked away from me without a word, hugged the dead president, and they left together while I tearfully puzzled over the menu.

A bit later, I dreamt I was developing weapons and technology for the CIA. My personal project was an attempt to deliver malamutes by air, in order to secretly insert Arctic dog sled teams into action areas. I'd figured out my basic mistake was I needed to fire them backwards out of my husky cannon, as their aerodynamics were better ass-first. Meanwhile, a Hong Kong tong was after me to stop the project, with various martial arts assassination attempts and sabotage efforts, including pouring Chanel Number 5 in the lube of the husky cannon.

I think Fred is waking up.

What did you dream last night?
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