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[cancer] Some things work, some not so much

On the plus side, I've gotten a couple of writing-related projects done this week. Very small ones, admittedly, but this is huge for my morale. Earlier this week I wrote a story introduction for an upcoming issue of PostScripts, and just today I drafted a Con program book bio for someone else. Given that I am in possession of the majority of my mental faculties two to three hours per day, I am quite pleased with this. I can't speak to the quality of the work, but I hope it suffices.

We've been stretching out the Dilaudid a bit, looking to see how long I can go before the pain arrives. Also, I'm on another, non-narcotic painkiller, but I can only take it three times a day. Less Dilaudid means my near-chronic constipation lessens, and it gives me back my brain.

The wound itself mostly itches, so long as I am keeping up the medications. Yesterday I went a little too far on the intervals, and the itch spiked into pain which then required me to overmedicate a bit to get everything back under control.

There's an art to this stuff, and it's kind of painful.

Also had a call yesterday from the woman who keeps the cancer library at OHSU. Pre-op I'd agreed to have my tissues and medical history included in a long term research project. The basic idea is to have prior cancers banked against future tests which may be developed so they can accelerate clinical research without having to wait years at that point. We had long and sobering discussion about the genetic implications of early-onset colon cancer, then she took an extensive family history from me. I am Doing My Part for Science. (Besides, she's the lady who secured my colon sample for me, so I owe her one.)

THere's Dilaudid in my near future as I write this, after which I will lose about 60 IQ points and most of my powers of concentration. Good thing kenscholes loaned me the first three seasons of the revived Battlestar Galactica.
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