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[poll] JayCon VIII Story Title Poll

As has become sacred tradition, kenscholes will be writing a short story for JayCon, as well as presenting a dramatic reading thereof on the Great Day.

Per a contest on his LJ, here are the story titles he thought best suited to the form. Usual voting rules apply. The winner will get to be in the story, either defeated by me in combat or rescued by me from certain doom, as Ken sees fit. Other prizes will be heaped as well, including a mass market paperback of Mainspring and a copy of the story autographed by both Ken and myself.

You know your mission: vote!

Poll #1195332 JayCon VIII Story Title Poll

Which story title should kenscholes use for his annual JayCon story?

Jay Lake and the Macaroni Monkeys of Uranus by jens_fire
Jay Lake and the Kingdom of the Crystal Colon by manmela
Jay Lake and the Ultimate Songsmith by will_couvillier
Jay Lake and the Baby From the 12th Dimension by princessalethea
Jay Lake and the Accidental Time Machine by jubietta
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