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[movies|personal] Skin jobs, Edward James Olmos and the little green monster

Quick, what do Bladerunner and Battlestar Galactica [rev 2.0] have in common?

Well, never mind, it's in the subject line of the post.

Having wrapped our viewing of BSG season 3 this week, last night lasirenadolce and I watched the most recent director's cut of Bladerunner. I'd caught the "skinjob" references in BSG, but I hadn't realized how much that series owes to the Ridley Scott classic. Even the lighting design, I swear. It was an interesting cultural cross-reference.

In other news, we saw the_child at the matinee of ¡Entusmiasmo!. She was on stage four or five times over the ninety minutes of the show, and it was great fun to see her up there. My kid. (And she's still working on her musical composition, too, though not at the very same time.) Unfortunately the trip out, including a pre-show lunch with friends and family, has left me profoundly exhausted for the balance of the day.

kenscholes called a little while ago. He's just back from Book Expo America, where he had a brilliant time. Likewise I've been following scalzi's blog. There's a funny thing about us writers — no matter how well we're doing, there's always someone else to compare ourselves unfavorably to. Ken is one of my dearest friends in the world, and our careers are heavily intertwined in a number of ways — it's almost like he's my brother — yet I found myself very envious. I like to pretend I'm above such petty b.s., but truth be told, no matter what I have in my career, I want to do more. More, damn it.

Which is a long winded way of saying I need to get back to writing, I think. I need to do some work on my Web site tomorrow (extremely cool redesign coming Real Soon Now, thanks to the_flea_king), then I am all about Green revisions, commencing either tomorrow or Monday.

Writing: the best cure to writing envy. I'll show you all, yes I will. Bwahahahahahahah.
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