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[links] Link salad, supersized insomniac edition

New concepts in book marketing

A review of "Dreams With Sharp Teeth" — Everything you wanted to know about Harlan Ellison but were afraid to ask. (From a writer's mailing list I'm on.)

The Miller High Life Cruiser — :: wants ::

Shorpy with a haunting photo of the collecting of war dead at Cold Harbor — Note the elapsed time between the battle and the date of the photo, per the caption.

Just Imagine — Retrofuturism ca. 1930. Cool, weird film clip.

Smallest known exoplanet found — An interesting set of comments on exoplanetary searches and astrobiology.

Magnetic movie — Making magnetic fields visible. A very cool video. Though they don't explicitly say so in the voiceover, these experiments are modeling aspects of the solar magnetic field, then later the Martian magnetic field.

The New Yorker on Buckminster Fuller

On Becoming a Woman — Something else to make me very, very glad that the_child isn't growing up in he 1950s. (Not sure where I snurched this from.)

Nanopaper — No, really. Cool tech stuff.

Get Fuzzy gets funny with language

Nature's Photonic Crystal — Scientists find an elusive diamond structure in a Brazilian beetle. Money shot: "The group is in the process of molding the beetle scales out of a semiconductor." It cracks me up, anyway. Political aside: if you're one of those conservatives who thinks evironmentalism is a liberal scam, consider what this story means. Or research the history of taxol. We constantly derive direct economic benefits from obscure parts of the biosphere. Self-interest alone suggests they are worth preserving.

A chilling global warming forecast — USDA with a detailed forecast of agricultural changes due to climate shift. Some call Limbaugh, the liberal traitors have infested Bush's Agriculture Department! More seriously, conservative America seems to be slowly waking up to the idea that Global Warming is more than a liberal myth, but will they ever accept responsibility for two decades and more of blocking any attempts at resolution? I rather more expect to hear, "But why didn't you try harder to make us understand?"

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