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Date: 2008-06-05 05:56
Subject: [books] Commenting on a review
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I'm doing something now which I almost never do, which is comment directly on a review. There's some very good reasons for that rule, but like many rules, it's context-dependent. I absolutely believe the story belongs to the reader, so reviewer reactions never bother me, because at a bare minimum, they are utterly valid for that reviewer, and in most cases, for a whole segment of my readership.

I recently posted a link to Paul Di Filippo's SCIFI.COM review of Escapement Amazon ]. While I find almost all my reviews interesting, especially the negative ones, I wanted to take a moment to thank Paul for truly getting it. His review explains what I was trying to do with the book better than I myself could have managed to do.

It's kind of cool to see myself in a mirror that is so well-crafted.
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User: rcloenen_ruiz
Date: 2008-06-05 21:11 (UTC)
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An excellent review. Made me so enthusiastic, I went off to check Amazon only to discover it's not yet out. What I particularly enjoy about reading the work you've published is how it's very visual. I also love it that poetry just jumps out in places. Frex, I was reading Trial of the Flowers, and there was this amazing description of the mist and the trees (I shall have to look it up), and that passage just made me take a deep breath and sigh and read it again.

That also happens in Mainspring. There are gems in there. I must confess I wanted the main character dead (that's just me), but I thought it was a really good read and worth the buy.

This must be the longest post I've made since reading your lj. I normally lurk, so I'll just go back to lurkdom, right about now.
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