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[links] Link salad for a lazy Sunday

Hundreds honor fallen Battle Ground soldier — The funeral yesterday of kenscholes’s nephew, who was killed in Afghanistan at age 19 two weeks into his first deployment. More here.

Drugs to grow your brain — A novel approach to psychiatric and physiological care.

More on Atlantropa — Atlantropa was covered a while back on this blog. Talk about thinking big.

Clarke On Iraq War Architects: ‘We Shouldn’t Let These People Back Into Polite Society’ — Truth is that there’s very little discussion of accountability for the Iraq War decision making in Your Liberal Media or the general public discourse.

Democrats in rural strongholds refuse to give backing to Obama — Classy.

Humorless?The Edge of the American West commenting on the problems of caricaturing Obama in political discourse.

The Real Question is, Would a President McCain be good for Women? — Juan Cole with a thoughtful post on identity politics in the Democratic primaries.

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