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[politics] Everybody’s crazy

Conservatives are nuts. Has anyone demanded to see John McCain’s birth certificate? The recipe appears to be a) start crazy rumor, b) treat crazy rumor like it was true, c) manufacture outrage concerning crazy rumor to force denials, d) use denials as evidence crazy rumor was true all along. It’s worked since the Clinton years, why should conservatives give up now? ETA: As ericjamesstone points out quite appropriately in comments, the post I linked to is an attempt to deal with teh crazy, not an example of teh crazy. I submit that the fact that the NRO felt a need to make such an attempt is still an example of teh crazy, however.

Conservatives Fair-and-balanced FOX News even more nuts. Obama’s baby mama? Could they be even more patently offensive? Well, yes, probably they could. Also note the deeply inaccurate understanding of urban slang.

Don’t worry, I’ve decided liberal-progressives are crazy too. There’s a lot of snark in the leftie blogosphere right now about how unsuited McCain is to running the country since he can’t use a computer. This is a bogus issue. Relatively few senior leaders past their mid-40s are adept at using personal computers. It simply wasn’t an important business skill when they were younger. I’m pretty sure McCain knows how to a file an original-and-five-copies-forward report on carbons, keeping the canary yellow sheet, because that’s how they did things back when he was commanding a Navy training squadron. So what? Does he need to do either of those things to be president? His qualifications as a commander-in-chief and chief-of-state deserve to be debated on their merits, not on something as silly as a widespread generational difference.

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