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An author of no particular popularity

Jay Lake
Date: 2008-06-13 05:53
Subject: [links] Link salad says TGIF
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Tags:cars, culture, lj, personal, politics, science, tech, weird, writing

Schools Struggle With Dark Writings — Wow, this article is disturbing on a number of levels. If my mental health was being judged based on my fiction, they’d never let me out. It happened to me once, that I wrote a story which scared an instructor so much I was blackballed from a program. You might know that little piece as “The Goat Cutter.” (Thanks to willyumtx.)

In which I ask for your opinion on my greatest hits

Another Internet doppelganger surfaces — It’s amazing how I get around.

Thai Ladyboy Test — I scored a 90%. I think that’s good. (Thanks to willyumtx.)

Baby Supernova ID’d in Milky Way — They’re so cuuuute.

BMW GINA — A fabric-skinned automobile. Which is oddly reminiscent of BMW’s original business line, building engines for WWI era fabric-skinned aircraft. (Thanks to sheelangig.)

Photo of a frilled shark — Fascinating but sad story attached.

54 sickened at hospital after farmer’s chemical-fuelled vomit generates toxic gas — That’s like something out of cyberpunk. (Thanks to willyumtx.)

Right Wing Bloggers Employ Investigative Journalism “Skills” to Skim Documentsnomissnewo has some fun at the expense of people who are far too easy to make fun of. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch, either.

Ex-Clark Co. GOP chief admits performing oral sex on a sleeping man — As the story notes, the perp was also chairman of the Young Republican National Federation. This is why gay marriage must be opposed at all costs! Because Republicans just can’t control themselves without a Constitutional amendment! Mmm, family values.

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User: biomekanic
Date: 2008-06-13 13:50 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
My doppleganger resulted in a wave of emails and phone calls.

I managed an 80% on the test, the double photo was a tossup for me and I guessed wrong.

re the Clark County GOP Sleepover plus Special Surprise:
A friend of mine has a theory that the it's not self loathing that keeps the gay Republicans pushing for social legislation, it's that their kink demands that it be forbidden for them to really enjoy what they do. Where's the fun if it's legal?

Edited at 2008-06-13 01:54 pm (UTC)
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User: scarlettina
Date: 2008-06-13 17:21 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Re: The "Goat Cutter" incident: Have you since sent any of your publications to that black-balling instructor? I'd be curious to hear what he'd have to say now about your award-winning career.

I can see universities and schools being concerned about student safety given the current climate and the last few years of scool shooting incidents, but the whole trend is disturbing, I agree.
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User: martyn44
Date: 2008-06-14 08:52 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Put your arms into these long sleeves, Mr Shakespeare . . .

Smiley happy people . . .
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