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[links] Link salad is working for the weekend

Hilarous faux-retro video — Ocean City, MD, advising us to visit their beaches before the oceans boil away in a billion years. Definitely worth the clickthrough.

Centauri Dreams on collecting interplanetary dust particles in the upper atmosphere — Even the process of doing this is very weird. Like grabbing a needle out of a haystack while flying by in an F-16.

Simulate a meteor strike in England — Wipe out the bifteks! With all kinds of cool parameters to wreak destruction on perfidious Albion.

The British vs the US Right — “This skepticism of Government power [...] is precisely what has been missing almost completely from the American Right, for which there is now no federal government power too great or too unlimited to embrace.” As I’ve said repeatedly, the Republicans have betrayed every principle they have (except tax cuts). Interesting to see how true conservatives view the war on terror. Worth the read even if you think liberal-progressives are full of it.

Why a McCain Win May Be Bad for GOP, Good for Democrats — “Republicans and conservatives [perceive] that Illinois Sen. Barack Obama as president, particularly with large Democratic majorities in both chambers of Congress, would be utterly disastrous.” Right. After the glittering successes of the Bush-43 administration, I can see how a change would be destructive. I mean, civil liberties, economic prosperity and good healthcare are things any red-blooded Americans should fight against. Right?

“Isn’t it after all only history?”The Edge of the American West with a reminder of what the Nixon years were like. Wow, the GOP hasn’t changed at all.

E.D. Hill has companyMedia Matters with a heavily-sourced discussion of how Obama is treated in the press. Recommended reading for those of who either a) believe the media has a liberal bias or b) believe the media has a pro-Obama bias.

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