Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[conventions] FenCon aten’t ded yet — the name game

My friends at FenCon have a weird problem, and I’m trying to help them pass the word. Apparently a new convention came to their hometown of Dallas this year with a confusingly similar name, FedCon, took everybody’s money, then folded after the first day of their scheduled weekend.

As a result, FenCon has been taking some heat. They’re working diligently to let the fannish community and the general public know that they are in no wise affiliated with FedCon, and have no responsibility for any of the issues that FedCon has now created.

Disclaimer/advertisement: I’m workshop special guest this year, so if you’re in the Dallas area and want to do some intense critique with me, sign up for one of the few slots still open.

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