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[links] Link salad for a Wednesday

jimhines with good advice for Con Virgins

Magnetic Genes — Genetically engineered cells make their own nanomagnets, providing clear MRI images. With bonus photography of a mouse brain!

Road Rage Correlates with Number of Bumper Stickers — Interesting if a bit weird. (Snurched from Interrupting Gelastic Jew.)

The Fate of The Sentence: Is the Writing On the Wall? — Shorter WaPo: Oh noes! Kids today will be death of language! I’m pretty sure Cicero complained about the same thing. And look what happened to Latin.

What did it mean to ‘bear arms’ in 1791?Language Log with an interesting piece on the Second Amendment. Their opinion runs contrary to my own feelings on the subject, but they’re certainly analyzing a lot of worthwhile data to get there. Me, I mostly think thousands of gun deaths every year is a staggeringly high price to pay for a theoretical defense of essential liberties, but what do I know? (It also took me years to understand that the phrase “If guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns” was not a pro-gun control argument.)

The Court McCain WantsWaPo on McCain, Gitmo and the Supremes. Once again, Mr. Straight Talk Express was for something before he was against it. Too bad Your Liberal Media is still largely incapable of recognizing a significant McCain flip-flop, especially when there’s terrorist fist jabs to be discussed.

More conservative wrong-ness on Guantanamo — Glenn Greenwald on John Yoo on the Supreme Court’s Boumediene decision. Just in case you thought people detained at Gitmo and elsewhere in the War on Terror are, you know, terrorists. If this Republican administration can cause innocent people to disappear for years without any recourse, what protects you? Why any conservative worth the name supports this utter abrogation of the rule of law is beyond me.

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