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[cancer] A bit of an update

The operation was seven weeks ago tomorrow. At this point, I am pain free, and mostly free of discomfort. I don’t quite have full range of motion restored (I can’t bend and twist all that well), but mostly my abdominal muscles are working. In the past week, the significant discomfort of my bowel movements has all but vanished.

I still have a brain made of Swiss cheese. I’m not amnesiac, but I am dreadfully absent-minded, sometimes over major issues. I still have very low energy days every second or third day, where after a few hours of initial energy, I can do little but lie on the couch or in the recliner. I still cannot read much in print, though I can read a lot on the screen. (And why is that?)

A bit of medical TMI:

My only real concern right now is that in the last week I’ve lost about five pounds, and been experiencing excessive bowel movements, as many as a dozen productive movements a day. I am checking in with my doctor to see if this is a normal post-operative experience (ie, my body adjusting to more-or-less normal function being restored) or if I should be concerned.

Like I’ve said, I’m not back to normal, but I can see it from here, and even visit it some.

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