Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[conventions] Iron Springs

[conventions] isn’t quite the right tag, but I haven’t yet bothered to use a [conferences] tag. I’m off in the morning to Iron Springs, which is a low-key writing retreat on the Pacific Coast up in the Olympic Peninsula. (Pauses for reader envy.) the_child will be with me there, and we will have Cheese Friday night.

As far as I know, the resort we’re using has ca. Korean War era infrastructure, so I don’t expect wireless coverage or Internet access. That means this blog will probably go dark until Sunday night. I’m sure all of you will persevere wo|manfully, as you so often do.

I will attempt to secure an awesome photo or two while I’m there, plus get a bunch of work done on a Sekrit Projekt.

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Tags: child, conventions, travel, writing

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