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[writing] Not-so-sekrit projekt revealed

Pace the inestimable John Scalzi, the wrappers have come off a new Sekrit Projekt that is now no longer quite so sekrit. He is leading a swashbuckling crew of writers including Elizabeth Bear, Toby Buckell, Karl Schroeder and myself in writing an audio anthology for Audible.com. Watch for a release sometime this fall (somebody got cancer and screwed up the original deadlines), with some cool promotional stuff at Denvention in the mean time.

And just because, a bit of my WIP, “In the Forests of the Night”, from a little ways into the beginning:

Bashar moves like a mountain lion on a wounded sheep; fast, hard and silent as he makes the long descent in a dozen bounds. Ward knows better than to apologize – she is no new fish – but she has the stranger in her sights.

He is Tygre, of course, though none of us have yet heard of him, and he has walked right past the outer line of Bashar’s pickets as if they were a row of dead streetlights on some Portland boulevard. The picket commander meets the invader face to face in a rare pool of moonlight so deep beneath the spreading arms of the montane forest.

For a moment, even this toughest of the renegade city’s partisans is lost in the mystery of the man who would be their king.

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