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[links] Link salad, fireworks edition

James Gurney on realism — I love this blog. He’s an artist, talking to other artists, but I learn a lot from him about the creative process.

Water on Mercury — What will they think of next? Paging Unk and Boaz, your caves are flooding.

Could Our Own Proteins Be Used to Help Us Fight Cancer? — Interesting. (Thanks to lt260.)

Diamonds hint at ‘earliest life’ — The science may be iffy, but there’s some neat Deep Time sfnal elements to this article. (Thanks to lt260.)

Juan Cole on Your Fourth of July and my Fourth of July — Strongly recommended reading, especially for conservatives. Not polemical, just a series of observations contrasting with current state of the nation with the original intent of founders.

Former Senator Jesse Helms is dead — I can find absolutely nothing good to say about the man and his many decades of political evil, but the press surely will. My sympathies to his family in any case.

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