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[travel] The sky, she is the color of lemons and plums

Here in Omaha, after various flight delays of the usual sort. Got my rental car pace the Hertz random upgrade program. The comedienne at the Gold counter asked me if I’d be ok with a Pinto, I told her she wasn’t old enough to know what a Pinto was. My reward, and/or her vengeance, was to give me a Chevy SUV I’ve had before here.

garyomaha met at the hotel as I arrived. I got the room with the trick door handle, which necessitated a return trip to the lobby, after which we went out to Mexican, then Whole Foods for me to buy supplies for the week. I’m here to tell you, you can buy soy yogurt in Omaha.

On the way back the thunderstorm line which had been rattling around all afternoon was high in the west. The setting sun was visible right on the horizon, but above it the clouds and obscuring rainfall filtered the dusklight first lemon yellow, then that weird mauve shade some plums get. The colors were an undifferentiated wash over that hemisphere of the heavens, from just above the horizon to over our heads. I’ve never seen anything quite like it — gorgeous and ominous in one swell foop.

Work tomorrow at the Omaha office. I’m laying low socially these next few days to baby my digestion, and work on “Forests of the Night” which was due, ahem, today. Omaha Beach Party Thursday, then I’m off to San Francisco for various weekend events related to Escapement, home Sunday.
Expect continued light blogging the next few days.

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