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[links] Link salad for an Omaha Tuesday

elfs with a review of Trial of Flowers Powell's | Amazon ]

I wish that son of a gun would take that other hand out of his pocket.The Edge of the American West (a history blog) comments on Robert Heinlein, libertarianism and sex. Definitely worth the read.

Bird on a Wire - Flying Wing UAV Recharges on the Fly — A UAV which leeches power from existing lines. Man, this is very cyberpunk.

Galaxy evolution and the language of violence — Interesting essay on galaxy formation, and the way astronomers discuss it.

Freakonomics on climate change — Once again, this blog is challenging my conceptions, though in a rather lateral way. This post discusses a paper which looks at the historical relationship between climate change and economic crisis, with some unexpected (to me) results.

Nanotube Radio — Tunage for your gray goo! Seriously, this is some way cool ultraminiaturization. (Thanks to lt260.)

Deeply awesome Antactic photography — (Also thanks to lt260.)

Obama and FISA — Between this and his faith-based announcement, I’m starting to feel a little played here. I realize politics is politics, and he needs to capture a bigger tent than the corner where I happen to stand, but the FISA stuff is b.s. The whole point of his campaign is to roll back the radically extra-Constitutional agenda conservatives have foisted on this country in name of “security.” I can wrap my head around the faith-based stuff, that’s always been part of his positioning, it just disappoints me. (Thank to my Aunt M.)

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sitioning, it just disappoints me. (Thank to my Aunt M.)

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