Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[travel] The speed of line

At Eppley Field. I’ve flown out of this airport at least 50 times in the past ten years, probably closer to 100, and I have never seen the security line like it is this morning. Good thing I was here 90 minutes before flight time.

Just now I heard someone screaming at the TSA guys — not smart. A lot of airport security is total B.S., but that’s not the fault of the people working the checkpoint. And there are burly gentlemen with firearms and powers of arrest lurking nearby at all times.

As it is, I probably don’t have time for a link salad before I’m out of here. I’m good, though. A decent night’s sleep, and day of nearly normal digestive health, have a gone a long way to easing my spirits as well as my physical comfort.

Y’all play nice today.

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