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[links] Belated link salad for a Friday

bsdotrand with a surprising comment on Escapement Powell's | Amazon ] — Well, surprising to me at any rate. I’m rather impressed with their insight.

Check out the Steampunk Abecedary — it’s kind of amazing what you guys can do [ LiveJournal | jlake.com ] — (Most of the action is on the LiveJournal comments.)

Batman by Michael Bay — Hahahahah. (Thanks to willyumtx.)

The cognitive technology of numbers — “Cognitive technology.” Wow. What a concept.

Elizabeth Hand writing at Salon on the passing of Thomas M. Disch — (Thanks to my Aunt M.)

An airline pilot on TSA — (Thanks to my Aunt M.)

A Hint of New Life to a McCain Birth Issue — An analysis of whether McCain is qualified by citizenship to be president. To be clear, I think this is a bogus issue, just like the “McCain doesn’t know to use a computer” thing is bogus. (My own birth circumstances are rather similar, but I’m in no danger of running for president in this lifetime.) However, consider the focus of the Right on the circumstances of Obama’s birth and related qualification for office: imagine for a moment that sort of focus on McCain, where there is a clearly colorable claim, as opposed to woolly conspiracy theories about forged birth certificates. As with so many other issues-of-character and personal past by which Democrats are hung out to dry, it’s OK if you’re a Republican.

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