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[personal] A tiny bit of updatery

In Dallas, waiting for my connecting flight. I doubt I’ll be back online much before late this evening, but I wanted to mention a couple of things before they slip my mind.

I’m an aficionado of the view above the clouds. I’ve seen some amazing things from the little ovoid aircraft window, from towering electrical storms by moonlight, to the entire Cascade volcano line backlit by blazing sunset, to streams of emergency vehicles pacing our landing, to the Zurich airport racing byvery close to the wingtip and perpendicular to my personal orientation. Today I saw two things I’d never seen before.

After a long nap, I awoke to look out. The sun was directly behind my angle of view, so I saw the shadow of our aircraft on a nearby cloud, surrounded by a circular rainbow. Moments later we broke into clearer skies, and I saw bright rays of light at a long angle, light spotlights in the sky, illuminating the ground amid the dimmer light of morning. Nothing I could possibly have photographed, but amazing images.

Also, I’ve gone about 36 hours now in something resembling normal digestive health. The relief this represents is profound. Two nights of decent sleep doesn’t hurt either. This gives me hope for an energetic and productive weekend.

Boarding soon.

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