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[links] Link salad for a Bay Area day

Today’s Bay Area events:

10 am GeekSpeak interview. [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ]

3 pm Borderlands reading and signing

7 pm appearance with Susan Palwick at SF in SF

Steve York lays the smack down on Buzz Aldrin for blaming science fiction for the decline of interest in the space program — Um…earth to Buzz?

Exploring Titan by blimp — Ok, excuse my while cool-o-meter spazzes out. It’s Space 1889 come to life! (Except with fewer Belgians.)

The law of diminishing returns in late-life healthcare — This article struck a bit close to home, given my recent experiences with cancer.

Cell-phone sniffing dogs — Can I have one that can find the car keys?

Spanish parliament extends rights to apes — It’s easy to make fun of this, but there’s a serious, albeit difficult, point buried in here somewhere.

The week that should have ended McCain’s presidential hopes — Or, “Your Liberal Media Inaction.” (Thanks to lt260.)

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