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[links] Belated Sunday link salad

A dark sky over Death Valley — Another brilliant image from APOD.

Things Skippy Can’t Do — If you’ve ever worked in, or with, IT, this is hilarious. Not utterly work-safe, but not obviously troublesome. (Thanks to lt260.)

The Other FamilyFamily Circus cartoons, recaptioned in a rather NSFW and amazingly funny way. Not for the squeamish. (Thanks to willyumtx.)

Pictures from the sky — Fascinating aerial images. (From Mark Hamzy via willyumtx.)

A lost world made by women — Feminism, 13th century style.

Church Cancels Teen Gun Giveaway — Wow. That’s, um, Christlike of them. (Thanks to lt260.)

Upcoming New Yorker cover showing the Obamas as terrorists — Your Liberal Media, hard at work. This is just fucking disgusting. (And I use the obscenity quite deliberately.)

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