Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[writing] WIP from “In the Forests of the Night”

As expected, I am back home and writing. This is good, since I am :: cough :: behind deadline, with another one looming shortly. Here’s a brief WIP from tonight’s work.

Anna Chao is stumpy and angry with dynamic ink tattoos crawling up and down her arms in a fair representation of the Divine Wind overwhelming the Mongol fleet. Sometimes Bashar thinks he can see aircraft carriers sinking in the storms, their stars-and-stripes flags burning to ash. Anna’s primary work detail is supervising the stone masons who quarry basalt from the ravines and crevices of the mountain beneath their feet, careful to take their slabs and pillars in such a way as to leave a natural-seeming void behind. This has given her the muscles of a stunted giant, but strangely, no patience at all.</p>

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Tags: fiction, stories, wip, writing

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