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[movies] Hellboy II

karindira and I went to see Hellboy II last night. (I’d already gotten some wordage in on “Forests of the Night”.) It was pretty amazing, in a highly entertaining way.

I wasn’t so taken with the story line — it was fairly pedestrian. But the tone and style and details of the movie were so far over the top they’d gone out the back and bugged down the street for a pint and a smoke. I don’t think I’ve seen a movie that went this far over the top since True Lies. As karindira said, you always knew you were watching a movie, but so what?

Hellboy had been pretty entertaining, as I recall, but this was something else again. And of course lots of lovely clockwork. I did mildly object to being told they were going to Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, only to have them not go to Giant’s Causeway, but otherwise, man, what a ride.

This isn’t a review so much as a gush, I suppose. Definitely worth seeing on the big screen for all the frenetic, insane detail work. Oh, and Jeffrey Tambour is my new love god. Junior Samples is so fired.

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