Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[travel] “From Paris to the Amsterdam Hilton”

Ok, not really. From Seattle to the Omaha Country Inn and Suites is more like it.

I’m loitering in SEA, waiting for my flight. bravado111 was kind enough to drive me here, which was immensely helpful. This airport, though…wow is it poorly designed. The Alaska Airlines check-in system was clearly specced out by a consultant who flies first class, or not at all. Even the airline employees seemed exasperated. And the security area was laid out by someone who either has no feet or has never been in an airport. I’ve seen worse, but not often. The only thing that made the experience manageable was I was here early enough that the airport was not filled with people.

In the air most of the day. I’m planning to finish “In the Forests of the Night”, though I wasn’t able to get my usual exit row on this flight due to being booked via American codeshare. Basically that means I can’t wrangle advance seat assignments, and Alaska doesn’t care that I’m platinum on American. So I may be too squeezed in the cheap seats.

If I arrive in a timely manner, I’ll have a quick dinner with garyomaha and elusivem. Then it’s a two-day strategic planning retreat at the Day Jobbe, a day of face time at the office, and back to Seattle for my Thursday reading/signing with Brenda Cooper at University Books.

As usual, expect continued light blogging. See some, all or none of you on the backswing.

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