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[links] Link salad for a hump day

Jonathan Strahan comments passim on Green and Escapement Powell's | Amazon ] — He asks a question I’ve wondered about myself. Also, bonus kenscholes mentioned.

“Mind Meld” from SF Signal on worldbuilding — In which I was invited to play.

will-couvillier with news about the return of James Gunn’s online writing workshop — Go check it out.

Mary Robinette Kowal builds me a new colon — She has the technology. She will make me stronger than I was before.

Cake Wrecks — Hahahahahah. (Thanks to danjite.)

APOD with another astonishing image of Martian terrain — The post is titled “High Cliffs Surrounding Echus Chasma on Mars.” I want to put a city in that crater.

Global Warming distortion from the right wing noise machine — An overview at Cocktail Party Physics (Hat tip to Bad Astronomy Blog, which has been on a roll lately.)

The US Military’s sleep reduction program — (Hat tip to Freakonomics.)

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