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[personal] Updatery of the highest order

I’m home alone all day today. This is my last quiet day before bugging out for LaunchPad and Denvention this coming Wednesday, so it’s time for bill paying, paperwork, pre-packing, book shipping and miscellaneous related tasks which need to be done soon and won’t get done if I don’t do them today.

I’m pushing needed revisions on Green and “In the Forests of the Night” off until I’ve met all those nonwriting related program activity requirements (well, some of them are WRPAs). Still, I don’t expect this to be a difficult day. And since I’m not actively writing, I’m running the extended edition DVDs of Lord of the Rings as my audiovisual wallpaper, at least while I’m in the living room.

Might be more blogging later. I need to promote the Steampunk Abecedary, at a minimum. But for now, I am being virtuous and attending to the business of my one-person household.

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