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[links] Link Salad for a LaunchPad Thursday

Prelimary LaunchPad reports here and here, from prof-brotherton and davidlevine respectively

Post Weird Thoughts with a review of Paper Cities — Which happens to be the first anthology I’ve ever gotten royalties from. (I think.)

When to stop reading short stories

Rand Corporation slams Bush “War on Terror” — Those notorious pinkos at Rand weigh in. I don’t expect to ever see conservative America admit they got the whole post-911 thing dead wrong in bleeding spades, but it’s become pretty obvious to everyone else. (Thanks to goulo.)

Tom Tomorrow on Obama’s mission from God — Because when Bush said that, it was the candidate showing leadership, but conservatives impute that to Obama, it’s the candidate being despicable. What the hell happened to the Republican fetish for consistency, anyway?

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