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[photos] Launch Pad images

A few photos of our adventures here in darkest Wyoming.


The University of Wyoming is the Campus That Time Forgot. Everything here seems from about 1974. Very well kept, and very pretty, just a strange aesthetic. Note the wood panelling in the classroom, and the extremely funky comm system. Our dorm is likewise of the era. Might grab a photo later.


Workshop lead Mike Brotherton demonstrates early attempts at human-powered flight.


More views of the classroom, and us folks in it.


Finally, while walking this morning with Mary Robinette Kowal and Deanna Hoak, Mary Robinette spotted this outdoor art installation. I only had my phone cam, so the photos are very poor, but it was quite astonishing. Basically a cluster of four abstract structures the size of small huts, open to the sky, woven from cut wood and herbs. It was as much a scent installation as anything, but the organic shapes, the frenzied detail, and the powerful smell were amazing. Like a family of giant, mutant bower birds had wintered over.

As usual, more at the Flickr set.

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