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[conventions] Launch Pad day four begins soon

Three days in to Launch Pad. I did a bit of photo blogging [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ]. My fellow attendees have done some lovely commentary. It has been pretty amazing. This is a great group of writers, and the workshop is absolutely stuffing our heads with Real Science ™.

Shortly we’re going hiking at Vedauwoo. I walked for thirty minutes as soon as I woke up, so the planned three miles will be slower paced for photo stops and whatever else presents. The altitude might be an issue too, depending on the elevation changes, but I’ve been doing enough walking since I got here not to be too concerned.

This afternoon we’re doing planetarium stuff, and a discussion on the human element in space, with a reduced schedule for a bit of break. The next two days are crammed very full, then off to Denvention Wednesday.

Personally, I’m having a ball. I still don’t have the dawn-to-midnight stamina I used to, but my energy levels are back to normal, and almost all the GI stuff has cleared up, so long as I keep a weather eye on my food intake. This is a hell of a lot of fun, and I am profoundly thankful that I’ve been able to enjoy it fully.

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