Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[conventions] WorldCon Day 1

Well, it’s definitely a WorldCon. We blew down from Laramie fairly early. Oddly, I was able to get my room at the Hyatt Regency around 10 am. That was good because it allowed me to unpack and take a rest break. Then it was off to the terribly long reg line, a lunch with Ken and Jen Scholes, John Pitts and Rani Graff. After that I hit the room again, then dealt with some too-complex logistics concerning the upcoming party.

Mid-afternoon I hit the dealer’s room, scored my Secret Project stuff for Saturday’s Hugos, signed some books, tasted chocolate honey, and schmoozed like crazy. Dinner and parties followed to midnight, including a couple of bouts of BarCon.

Tomorrow I have a business breakfast, a business dinner, and a two-hour stretch at the SFWA table. The true madness will reign Friday and Saturday.

Definitely a WorldCon. See some, all or none of you here.

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