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[links] Link salad for a WorldCon Thursday

A writer talks about the “Keys to Publishing” contest in which I am featured

“Slow life” and its implications — Wow. This is profoundly SFnal, with some very cool things to consider for both terrestrial biology and exobiology.

Soil tests on Mars spawn a mystery — More exobiology! (Thanks to lt260.)

Ancient moss, insects found in Antarctica — Freeze-dried fossils, so to speak. (Thanks to lt260.)

Philanthrophy gets personalFreakonomics with a fascinating piece on the intersection of wealth and poverty.

U.S. Agents Can Seize Laptops
— Who needs those pesky Fourth Amendment rights? I wonder how those conservatives who are so ardent about the Second Amendment will respond to this. I’m guessing the quiet chirp of crickets, myself. Now if the Federal government announced they could indefinitely seize firearms we’d see some outrage. But you know, far more people are killed by computers than by firearms. Right? Right? (Thanks to lillypond.)

How conservative greed and corruption destroyed American politics — An unsurprising read if you’re a liberal-progressive, and doubtless a pack of lies if you’re a conservative. Darn those biased facts — reality makes it hard for a Republican to function with a clean conscience these days. (Thanks to my Aunt M.)

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