Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[travel] Home, home again

Somewhat to my amazement, I am home. Only 45 minutes or so late, and got some decent napping in on the plane. Had a nice long talk with the_child when I got here. Not sure where my little girl went, but in her place was a rather poised young woman who played me her latest piano composition, discussed the vagaries of developing story ideas, envied me my adventures rock climbing, and outlined how she’d handled a minor family emergency with aplomb in my absence.

Sometimes it all pays off.

Reading at Powell’s tomorrow, with a trip to the bike shop before to deal with a small issue on the_child’s ride. I really need to blog some about WorldCon, collate my own meeting notes and project discussions, and generally catch up, but it will probably be Tuesday before I have a shot at all that.

Anyway, I am home, tired, but not overly worn. Excelsior and whatnot.

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