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[links] Link salad for a Wednesday

Material bends, stretches and conducts electricity? — I foresee crumple-able computers.

Handle with Care — The ethics of scientific change. (Thanks to lt260.)

All eyes on Mars — Basement planetology r us. (Thanks to lt260.)

Bush Administration panel accepts that humans cause climate change — Man, even this Republican administration has been suckered by the same liberal conspiracy which has fooled the Arctic sea ice and the climate as a whole. It’s tough to be a good conservative when the facts are so thoroughly biased against you. Luckily, in Republican politics reality is never an excuse! (Snurched from james_nicoll.)

jlassen with a Bushism which transcends the bizarre and lays the troubled corpse of irony to restETA: icedrake points out quite correctly that I have unintentionally endorsed some cherrypicking with this linked quote. Which is to say, staggering hypocrisy and intellectual blindness are the Bush administration’s stock in trade, but there’s no need to stretch a point.

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