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[personal] Updatery, and bit on reviews

Busy day ahead at work today. Some socializing tonight. Quite early tomorrow morning, the_child, tillyjane and me are driving up Mt. Hood to go hiking on the Timberline Trail. (That’s about 6,000 feet.) Sunday is low key, then I’m off to Omaha Monday. Also, I’m off to Omaha again at the end Labor Day weekend, with a trade show in San Francisco the week after that. Home, much, me?

I’m planning to have the outline of Tourbillion done early this coming week. Have to bat cleanup on some open projects, get the next IROSF article going with specficrider, and maybe address a few short fiction bits.

Also, I was thinking as I walked this morning about the value of linking to negative reviews. I’ve been asked a few times if I’m worried about creating an Internet dogpile on a reviewer. I should hope not. I find negative reviews interesting, even funny, and very rarely have a challenging response to them inside my own head. I think this stems from my very deep conviction that the story belongs to the reader. Doesn’t matter if that reader is a fan, a critic, an editor or some random person who picked up the book. It’s theirs. When the reactions are good, I take pleasure in them. When the reactions are poor, I learn what I can from them.

How do you handle negative reviews and critique? Is it a door-slamming moment for you? Or do you chuckle and move on?

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