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[links] Link salad for a hot, quiet Sunday

Chrono’nauts Parade — A steampunk fashion show in which Escapement Powell's | Amazon ] is featured as a prize.

Sally Forth on the Great American Children’s Book — Hahahahahah. I’m tempted to try writing some openings a bad as these.

Dog cloner Joyce McKinney sought over burglary to fund horse’s wooden leg — I swear, if I wrote a story with that title, no one would believe it. (Thanks to danjite.)

Camera spots rare clouded leopard — Now that is a triumph of headline writing. Cool story, though. (Thanks to Dr. Varanus.)

Worms May Hold Secret To Lighter Aircraft — Hmm. At first I thought new casting techniques, but no…materials science.

A plastic that chills — The electrocaloric effect. (Which would be a great title for a story.) Some cool tech for you near-term futurists.

The Gray Lady of Bagram — My conservative friends should read this. I don’t suppose it will hold much credibility for you guys, but the fact that a story such as this is even possible should give any patriotic American severe pause. It’s your party, your president, who brought us to this low point. I can remember when we used to be the good guys.

Time in saddle: n/a (40 minute brisk walk)
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This morning’s weigh-in: 237.8
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