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[links] Link salad for an Omaha Tuesday

the_ogre with a review of Escapement Powell's | Amazon ]

New Weird in Romania — We’re worldwide, man.

Get Fuzzy goes surreal. Again. — Crab cakes? I love this payoff line.

Generic names for soft drinks by county — Because everything needs a map, don’t you think? (Actually this is a rather cool intersection of sociolinguistics and cartography.)

The Niece explains why stars go nova [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ] — (Courtesy of lillypond, a/k/a Mother of the Niece.)

The Seattle Times on the cost of designer drugs — Once more, it doesn’t come back to healthcare deliver, at which our system can excel. It comes back to healthcare finance, at which our system fails miserably. Unless you’re an investment dollar, of course. (Thanks to lt260.)

Church Files Restraining Order Against Autistic Boy — Hmmm. It would be very easy to take a cheap shot here, but even with my restraint filters on, this feels weird. (Thanks to lt260.)

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