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[links] Link salad for a Thursday

Andrew Wheeler responds to the SF Signal Mind Meld, is funny — I love a good smackdown, even when I’m on the wrong end of it. Definitely worth the read.

Do they really think the earth is flat? — An oldie but a goodie, the Flat Earth Society. You know, as long as we’re “teaching the controvery” about ID, let’s teach this controversy, too. Flat Earthism is every bit as intellectually sound as Intellectual Design, and rather more entertaining. With less religious hypocrisy, too, which I consider a bonus. (Thanks to csinman.)

The Interstellar Conundrum ReconsideredCentauri Dreams on the practical engineering issues of first generation starships. Where have you gone, Norma Cevna, our world turns its lonely eyes to you.

Researchers produce blood in lab from stem cells — Too bad about that whole stem cell research ban thing, because, you know, lives could be saved. Your Republican Party, defending the nineteenth century at all costs.

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