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[links] Link salad for a Tuesday

I’ve been Boing Boinged (again)

Get Fuzzy hits it out of the park — Hahahahahahahahahaah.

Research aims to put tongues in control of devices — Hmm. All the makings of a good date, and a computer. Nerd heaven!

Android security team appeals to bug hunters — Wow. Check out that headline. Context really is everything.

Very Long Term Backup — What is this “paper” you speak of? (Thanks to willyumtx.)

Seeing in four dimensions — I can already trip over my shoelaces in two dimensions, thank you very much. (Which is why I wear Birkenstocks.) Seriously, this is a cool approach to a cool problem. (Thanks to lt260.)

Virus-Infecting Virus Fuels Definition of Life Debate — Messing about with the edges of life.

Plan to exhume cardinal is ‘homophobic’ — It’s so weird, what people get up to in the name of religion. (Thanks to danjite.)

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