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[personal] Omaha, my home away…plus books!

Despite what garyomaha thinks, I am willing to admit to being in Omaha. Or at least someplace in the Midwest.

Charmingly uneventful flights today. The Hertz Random Upgrade Program hath given unto me a Ford Edge. I swear I had this exact same vehicle some time last fall. (This happens to me about once a year.) My hotel hath Randomly Upgraded me to a half-suite, or as karindira says, a room with a partition and a sofa. Um, yeah.

My pants kept falling off me today, or nearly so, so I spun by Target when I got here and bought smaller pants. I confess to not being ashamed of this. I’m on a different schedule this week, working at the Day Jobbe through Friday wrapping up the Big Project of late (for which I have received preliminary kudos from Senior Management), and flying home Saturday. With luck, a Sunday hike with tillyjane and possibly the_child.

Also, over the long weekend I finished reading Nick Harkaway’s The Gone-Away World (which I liked immensely and will review shortly), Russell Banks’ Rule of the Bone (which I liked for rather different reasons), and José Carlos Somoza’s Zig Zag (which I wasn’t so taken with and will review shortly in order to explore why). About to start reading Special Topics In Calamity Physics.

Expect continued light blogging with intermittent bursts of hypergraphia.

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