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[links] Link salad, mostly politics edition

Social contracts and the pirate code — For serious. Interesting reading, if you’re into Hobbes, Locke or Blackbeard.

Evolutionists Flock To Darwin-Shaped Wall Stain — Hahahahahahah. (Snurched from Bad Astronomy Blog.)

Language Log with a post highlighting Republican doublespeak on the executive qualifications of a governor — Ie, various pre-convention comments on the wretched unsuitability of Governor Kaine of Virginia vs post-conventions comments on the admirable qualities of Governor Palin of Alaska. Their primary source is The Daily Show. Admittedly, highlighting Republican hypocrisy is rather like discovering the sun rises in the east (Balanced budget, anyone? Small government?), but this is rather good job of going right to the horse’s mouth. And yes, the post is very clearly slanted in its tone, but the words are straight out of GOP talking points. Even if you’re a staunch conservative, this might be worth looking at if you’re curious why those of us who aren’t conservatives are so frustrated.

The Resentment Strategy — Paul Krugman on the angry right, and the fundamental cognitive dissonance of being a Republican.

The Anchorage Daily News on Palin and Troopergate — I’m baffled about why this story is allegedly inappropriate to cover. Back in the 1990s, the GOP and the media hammered non-stories like the Vince Foster suicide for years.

McCain campaign works to shut down Alaska investigation into Palin’s Troopergate — Innocent until proven guilty, and so long as we don’t look for proof, she’s innocent! Nothing to see here, citizens. Move along, and remember, the GOP is the party of good government.

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