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[personal] Hiking up the falls

This morning, tillyjane, the_child and I saddled up the Genre car and headed out to Multnomah Falls for a hike. (It was the_child’s preferred destination.) Even with a stop for a (too) hearty breakfast, we arrived before the madding crowds.

This is one of the highest waterfalls in the United States. The site was developed as part of the Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway, one of the first such roads in the country. When you arrive below the falls, there’s a beautiful classic lodge and an improved approach to the bottom of the lower falls, with a paved path up to a 1915-era bridge overlooking the base of the upper falls. Passing that, it’s a hike of about a mile, with about 700 feet of elevation change, to get to the overlook at the top of the upper falls.

We did that, and also headed up the creek trail, then back down again. About 3.9 miles total, maybe 1,200 feet in elevation change. It’s classically, almost wrenchingly beautiful up there. I took a pile of photos, which I’ll post later once Flickr has digested them all. It was good to get out.

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