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[writing] WIP from “The Delight of Bright Water”

A snippet from an early scene in “The Delight of Bright Water.”

Only last month Father attended the funeral of her cousin Malik in Mosul. Noor did not go, neither did her mother or her three younger brothers. It is too dangerous to travel. It is always too dangerous to travel. Father went anyway, for the honor of family and to comfort his sister.

Malik is not a martyr. He died falling off a ladder after stealing copper wiring from a government building. Climbing down two stories with thirty kilos of metal looped around your back isn’t heroic, isn’t noble, but it is unwise.

Noor would have dropped the wire out the window, then climbed down after it.

Still, a man falling off a ladder isn’t a murder, or even a casualty of war. He’s only a man falling off a ladder. A death, but a stupid one. As if there were any clever deaths.

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