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[personal] Miscellaneous updatery

Working today here in Portlandia. Fireside writers this afternoon and evening.

Off at 0:stupid early tomorrow to San Francisco for the CTIA Wireless Entertainment Expo, a major trade show for the Day Jobbe. I will be seeing some, all or none of you there at various times of the weekend, as I’m staying over til Sunday morning to do writerly things and friend things.

In other news, I dropped into the 235.x weight range today. I’m closing in on 50 pounds lost for the year, and I’ve shed eight inches in the waist size of my pants, threatening to go down another step soon. I’m quite pleased with myself.

As of next week, I’ll be working on Tourbillon. There’s always a bit of dread for me right before stepping into a novel project. It’s rather like jumping off a high board knowing I’ll have to fill the pool with water on my way down. I haven’t made the big bug splat yet in my career, but the possibility lurks at the edge of my thoughts like a cat at a mousehole. The only cure for writing angst is writing, so anon I shall write.

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