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shadowhelm continues on a roll, addressing the topic of writers dealing with distraction — I know from experience that anytime I’m feeling lonely in comments all I have to do is talk about how important giving up television and gaming has been to my writing career. That stuff touches a nerve with people. But she’s right. If you want to write, you’ll find the time. (Thanks to lt260.)

APOD with a supernova ribbon

Sleep behaviour and sleep postures — Some cool nature neepery from Tetrapod Zoology.

Church of England Apologizes to Charles Darwin — Amazing how conservatism so often loses in the end. At least it didn’t them as long as it took the Catholic Church to apologize to Galileo. (Thanks to danjite.)

The Edge of the American West sees a pattern — Funny, but won’t be news except to people who somehow still think Republicans are fiscal conservatives.

Rove: McCain went ‘too far’ in ads — When Karl Rove comes on FOX News and says a Republican candidate’s ads are dishonest, you have really jumped the shark. Or is this just another example of liberal media bias? Did they get to Karl, too?

Digby on “voter caging” — And for those of you who say, yeah, the other guys do it too, look at the history of prosecutions under the Bush administration. (The New Hampshire phone jamming case, for example.) This has been a very Republican phenomenon since the ascent of Karl Rove. Note all the hysteria about “voter fraud”, which has generally been a smokescreen for legitimizing voter caging — better to disenfranchise thousands than risk a single misvote! Also, think about the demographics of both parties — wider turnout far more often favors Democrats. Why would they want to suppress? And the really great thing about voter suppression is that it doesn’t matter if you pay a fine or some flunkie takes a fall after — it’s not like a court is ever going to order a post-facto redo. If you don’t have any ethics, it can be a highly successful strategy. It’s worked well for the GOP.

Bush’s Overseas Policies Begin Resembling Obama’s — No, no, it’s completely different!

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