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[personal] A modest party

Last night, after the usual Fireside chaos (though I was highly productive there — 4,000 new words plus revisions on two other pieces plus page proofs on two upcoming stories plus some FenCon workshop reading), we had a celebratory dinner for maryrobinettekowal’s triumphant, albeit brief, return to Portland.

In attendance were the guest of honor, some work friends of karindira’s whose handles (if any) are unknown to me, karindira, joycemocha, cscole, newroticgirl, Interrupting Gelastic Jew and Dr. Eldritch his own self. Plus your humble narrator. (I don’t think I left anyone out.)

The usual topics of conversation applied — limeade, science fiction, woolen blankets, death and dismemberment, small dogs, et cetera et cetera et cetera. A good time was had by all, but it kept me up a bit later than I had expected, so this morning I forewent another walk in favor of some stationary bike time.

And the Day Jobbe calls momentarily.

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