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Jay Lake

[personal] Hiking the hills

Well, Angel’s Rest was right out. tillyjane wanted a little altitude and some steepness (she’s walking a marathon soon), so went to Hunchback Trail. That takes off from the parking lot of the Zigzag Ranger Station in the Mt. Hood National Forest.

ZOMG. We could have just climbed stairs for an hour.

It was very dark and gloomy, with a persistent fog among the firs and cedars, so no photos. Straight up for about an hour, until we became concerned about the steepness of the return (and keeping her knees in good shape for her marathon) and turned back. Once back at the Genre car, we tooted down to Sandy where we walked another 30 minutes or so just because we hadn’t had enough exercise.

A satisfying bout of outdoor exercise, if somewhat inconclusive in not reaching the top of the trail.

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