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[writing] Tourbillon progris riport, day 13

Today’s wordage: 3,500
Today’s writing time: 2 hours
Total wordage: 50,200
Total writing time: 31 hours, 15 minutes


Despite himself, Kitchens felt a tinge of exasperation. “I am not their enemy, Mr. Harrow.” In memory, the Queen bobbed in her bloody tank, face fish-white and drowning-fat. Who was the foe now? The Chinese had not done that to England.

“Begging your pardon, sir, but you is the enemy. Any man in a suit who comes from Admiralty will be that to them, for the rest of the their lives.” He paused, obviously considering his next words. “And sir, should Captain Sayeed or any number of his officers take an idea to do so, Notus won’t never be coming back to England’s shores. Some mutinies start at the top. You might want to go back down them stairs and find another place to berth.”

“Thank you, Mr. Harrow, but I expect that I shall manage to persevere.”

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