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[writing] A few stray thoughts about Tourbillon

Hiit 68,200 words today, 18 days in. I am at the breakpoint between the first and second acts as of where I closed the file out tonight. That’s probably a good thing, as it’s consistent with my expectations of the length of the first draft. It also means that unless I put in some “power days” I won’t be done with this manuscript until sometime after WFC. Since my original goal was 12/1, this is no disaster, but it would be nice to have this wrapped before I go to Calgary.

Many of the bits and pieces are gelling in my head. This is as it should be. I now know more about the wingéd savages than I did before. Certain secondary characters are forcing their way forward, and one has crept in quite unexpectedly (without having first dropped around the outline for a smoke and a chat) and seems to hold the key to a lot of plot elements.

Ie, it’s a book, and it’s happening inside my head. I’d say “ouch”, but I rather like getting this sort of thing out.

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